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MyZip-Bags (2nd generation) Single-Sets

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5 convincing advantages of the
MyZip bag!

☑️ Particularly space-saving - The better and space-saving alternative to conventional lunch boxes and boxes!

☑️ Keep your food fresh - quick and safe storage thanks to the high-quality zip closure!

☑️ Airtight and leak-proof bags - both for at home and on the go. The MyZip bag is your perfect companion!

☑️ Environmentally friendly and saves money - By being reusable, you protect the environment and save money!

☑️ Suitable for household appliances - Use your MyZip bags easily in your refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and microwave!

These are your MyZip bags:

The airtight zip closure keeps your food fresher for longer and is the perfect way to store and transport food in a space-saving manner.

Suitable for your kitchen appliances:

The reusable MyZip bags are a "must have" in every kitchen and in every household. They can easily be used in the microwave, cleaned in the dishwasher and stored in the fridge or freezer .

You can use the MyZip bags optimally for snacks , leftovers , your food on the go and much, much more !

Your variants:

You get your reusable MyZip bags in practical individual packs of 5 . In these sets you get one of six different sizes .

Bye Bye boring cans - Hello MyZip bags:

With their trendy design, the MyZip bags are an eye-catcher at every picnic, at work or in the playground.

The MyZip bags can also be stored in your handbag, sports bag or school bag to save space and are impressive due to their light weight.


Whether for pens, jewelry, elastic bands or treats, let your creativity run wild and share your MyZip ideas with us , your friends and acquaintances! #MyZip


The capacity of the MyZip bags is 350 ml to 2,700 ml .


The MyZip bags are made of high-quality and robust plastic (OPP/PE/PET) . In addition, the material of the MyZip bags is BPA-free!

🔒 100% money back guarantee

You benefit from our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the MyZip bags, simply send us a message and send them back. You will receive a refund of the purchase price immediately (within 24 hours) - no questions asked!

MyZip-Bags (2nd generation) Single-Sets
MyZip-Bags (2nd generation) Single-Sets Regular price€13,95 Sale price€9,95