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This is us:

We are a small family business from Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. For us as a family business, it is important that we think and plan all ideas and products across generations. This approach gave rise to the idea for MyZip.

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How we came up with MyZip bags:

We used countless disposable plastic bags and cling film every time we went shopping and around the house. Maybe you also know the feeling when, after shopping in the supermarket, you open the garbage can to dispose of the packaging waste. Added to this is the daily consumption when you wrap your piece of cheese again in cling film or give your child the sandwich in a paper bag. There's no other way to solve this, we thought. After all, the reusable principle often applies, for example with drinks or shopping bags.

With the MyZip bags we want to follow exactly this principle and introduce the reusable idea for plastic and freezer bags, paper bags and cling film. At the same time, the MyZip bags should be light, transparent, space-saving and unbreakable. You will find this combined in our MyZip bags.

What makes our MyZip bag special:

The MyZip bags are designed to last significantly longer than traditional disposable packaging. They can be reused many times and are just as versatile. Your MyZip bags not only look good and serve as a practical and space-saving alternative to jars - no, they are also the ideal companion when shopping in the supermarket or unpackaged store. With six different sizes, you always have the right size with you. The practical thing: When unfilled, your MyZip bags are so small and light that you can take them with you anywhere.

What is our vision:

We believe in the trend that more and more supermarkets will offer filling stations for cereals, oatmeal, tea, nuts, gummy bears and much more. We want to optimally serve this trend with the MyZip bags. You can easily and easily take your MyZip bags with you in your shopping bag to the supermarket and fill up the amount of food you need. At home, you store your MyZip bags directly in your drawer. This means you can completely avoid single-use plastic when shopping.

These are your advantages:

Less plastic waste by avoiding single-use plastic bags, cling film, etc.

Cost savings thanks to the long-term reusability of your MyZip bags

Space-saving storage compared to alternative storage containers - both when filled and when unfilled

Easy transport of the bags between the supermarket and your home

Timeless stylish design

Do you have any questions, suggestions or requests?

Then simply contact us using the contact form or simply write an email to:

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