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Article: Around the world with MyZip: Vincent and Tim's journey

Mit MyZip um die Welt: Die Reise von Vincent und Tim

Around the world with MyZip: Vincent and Tim's journey

Around the world with MyZip: Vincent and Tim's journey

In a world characterized by hustle and bustle and disposable products, there are still people committed to sustainable adventures and protecting our environment. One of these inspiring adventures is the journey of Vincent and Tim, better known as the "Sailing Boys", who have embarked on their epic journey around the world over the past five years. In this blog post, we will not only recount their impressive journey, but also address the urgent pollution of the oceans and the single-use consumer society that threatens our ecosystem.

The sailing boys: Vincent and Tim

The "Segeljungs" are not unknown adventurers, but two friends, Vincent Goymann and Tim Hund, who have combined their passion for sailing and environmental protection. Her sailboat, the Arrya, became her faithful companion on her journey around the world.

Ocean pollution and the disposable consumer society

During their journey, Vincent and Tim were confronted with one of the biggest environmental problems of our time: ocean pollution. Plastic waste, including single-use plastic products such as drinking bottles, packaging and disposable bags, is threatening marine life and the ecosystem at an alarming rate. The sailing boys saw with their own eyes how beaches were littered with plastic waste and sea creatures found themselves in dangerous situations.

These experiences inspired her to actively combat the single-use consumer society. They began to change their own habits and looked for environmentally friendly alternatives for everyday use.

MyZip bag: The perfect companion on the high seas

One of the sailing boys' most notable discoveries on their trip was the versatility of MyZip bags. These pouches proved to be perfect companions on board the Arrya. They are not only extremely practical, but also fulfill various functions that make everyday life on the sailboat much easier.

The MyZip bags are ideal for storing food and other essentials on board. They are extremely space-saving and help to make optimal use of the limited space on the ship. Vincent and Tim loved the fact that they could easily wash and reuse the bags after use. Not only did this significantly reduce their plastic consumption, but it also proved to be an extremely cost-effective solution for their trip.

The MyZip bags proved extremely useful not only on board but also during their shore leave. They were able to use them for shopping and storing personal items, allowing them to do their part to reduce single-use plastic away from the sea.


Vincent and Tim, the "sailing boys", not only went on an inspiring journey around the world, but also actively contributed to combating ocean pollution and questioning the single-use consumer society. Their experiences with MyZip bags have shown how simple, sustainable solutions can make a big difference. These bags proved to be the perfect companion on the high seas and are a living example of how small changes in everyday life can have a positive impact on our environment. Vincent and Tim have proven that it is possible to explore the world while actively helping to protect our oceans.

And the best comes last: With the code “Segeljungs10” you can save 10% on your next order. Take a small step towards sustainability and help protect our oceans while enjoying your adventures. Vincent and Tim showed us how to do it - now it's your turn!

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